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6-week Sensual Wisdom series

Discover your sensual self

Are you longing for a deeper connection to your feminine essence?

Wanna feel the power of showing yourself unapologetically?

Wanna experience the fun and of freedom exploring your sensual self? 


YESSSS! We can do better: taking our space and become more sensually alive. 

"Thanks to the Sensual Wisdom Series I feel more sexy, more beautiful, more loving and more connected towards my body and somehow more self-compassionate as well. The rediscovering of my imagination has been amaaaaaazing!!" 

- Adriana, Participant Sensual Wisdom Series 

"The Sensual Wisdom series
will shift and deepen your perspective on sex, on pleasure, on life. It will empower you to show yourself more authentic-
ally and more passionately. In your love life and far beyond."
Leoni -Shakti tantra teacher

About the Sensual Wisdom Series

Discover your sensual self in The Sensual Wisdom Series. In this six-week program, you'll be given the tools to heal your life from the inside out. You'll connect to your aliveness, confidence and the joy of being a woman, so you can become your supernatural self in your (love)life, business and creative work.

You'll discover the energy of the Goddess (aka your snake energy) through Shakti practices, light work, meditation and dance. You'll start feeling radiant, sexy and super alive and learn to move from within.

You'll learn to integrate these practices into your business, relationships and creative work, so that you can be totally yourself and stand in your light.


For who


Are you longing to feel more confident and sensually alive? In for a fun and profound adventure? Are you the type who Likes to approach self-development in a light and playful way? Looking for a profound shift in your sexual and sensual pleasure? 

Then, this one is for you.



6-week Sensual Wisdom Immersion with: 

  • 3 x live retreat days (bi-weekly)

  • 3 x online integration class with Q&A + meditation (bi-weekly)

  • Bonus: full moon opening ceremony

  • Group support

  • Weekly practices & guided meditations

  • Dates:
    Sat April 17 (live retreat) 

    Thu April 22 (online) 19:30-21:30
    Sat May 1 (live retreat) 11u-16u
    Thu May 6 (online) 19:30-21:30
    Sat May 22 (live retreat) 11u-16u
    Wed May 26 (online) 19:30-21:30

  • Retreat location: soon TBA


  • Learn to act on your intuition and move from within

  • Unlock your radiance by connecting to your pelvic area

  • Take the stage and stand in your light

  • Raise your sensual awareness through weekly self-practices to keep your fire burning all day long

  • Cut away the bullshit and access your natural confidence

  • Learn to set and voice your boundaries in a clear and loving way

  • 1rst en 2nd chakra healing

  • Feminine ancestors healing & guidance

What others say about

Sensual Wisdom Series

This course is all about coming back to your body with love and integrity. It's empowering, profound

safe and above all; so much FUN!! I can't wait for the next series!

— Adriana

Daaamn it is so powerful to feel like a sensual woman. I wish that for everyone.

— Evelien

What I got out of the Sensual Wisdom Series is almost impossible to express in words; it's so, so precious. It's a deep sense of BEING, freedom, openness. being really close to myself. An incredible beautiful experience. I can only say to those who are interested: do it, dot it, DO IT! 

— Leslie

About the teacher

Leoni van de Water

"Leoni is kind, open and light. She offered me so much safety because of the way she teaches: with authenticity and power. I am amazed by the way she guided and deepened my personal process. Hitting the core again and again. It touches me deeply how many beautiful moments I've experienced in such a short time. I feel healed and at ease without even knowing that I needed this so much. Really awesome how Leoni brings this in such an amazing way: dead serious but carried with incredible joy and pleasure!"

- Sophie

"I absolutely LOVE how Leoni brings together the depth and groundedness that is needed for this work with so much lightness and playfulness!"

- Adri

"Really appreciated Leoni's realness, cutting through the bullshit, leading us beyond the stories into our realness."

- Eva

"Leoni put things into perspective whenever I was hard on myself. The path I’m on is just the natural path of learning and healing, not the brokenness like I thought.


She challenged me which was necessary but not so much it got too hard. And I felt very safe, like nothing was too weird or wrong, so I could really open up."

- Evelien

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