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Hello business babe. The time is now. 

Revolutionize the way you are doing business. Show the world what you’ve got. 

2020 is your year!

To rise stronger, faster, brighter.

Create a wildly successful

business and life.


Move through life with lightness, sensuality and playfulness.

Yes, take me there!

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As humans, we all have the ability to heal ourselves. But did you know you can also heal your business? Doing this will unlock a massive creative power

that fuels you to create something immensely successful.

a flowering wildly successful business and you feeling centered

and confident.

outrageous amounts of pleasure

and more energetic aliveness in
ALL the aspects of your life (

in your way of doing business)

shamelessly earn money and double your income.


that makes you feel like walking on SUNSHINE all the time.

The Sensual Business Program

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The Sensual Business Program shoots you to the stars while tickling you with pleasure.




For 7 months you have access to my expertise and knowledge to enrich your life and business. We work on different Sensual Business essentials and themes to lift your life and business to the next level.


Coaching &

healing sessions

Live days

Sensual Business

Master Classes

Benefit from my expertise as a Sensual Business coach.

Let’s unlock your healing powers and raise your business to the next level.

Exclusive Sensual Business Master Classes. Revolutionize the way you do business and become a rock steady sensual business babe. 

Weekly online

high vibe group

coaching calls

Weekly online coaching calls that keep your energy high and focussed. Take yourself on a wildly pleasurable business adventure.

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My Program will guarantee a powerful and 

effective change. Move from a stressful and

chaotic to a confident and sensuous way

of doing business. Centered and playful.

In this program

You’ll become an energy alchemist. Healing yourself and your business.

You get crystal clear how to bring your gifts most aligned into the world

You manifest your deepest desires—in your life, love and work. 

You find more pleasure and freedom in the way you do business. 

You will aim high and grow fast. In consciousness and business.

You will earn the money you and your talent deserve

I want this

This is you

You are a talented creative, creator,

artist, connecter,  peacemaker, healer, entrepreneur, pioneer. 

You are on a mission to make the

world brighter and lighter.


You are happy by nature and a 

spiritually gifted woman with a grounded, no-nonsense attitude.


You like to explore how you can let this serve your life and business better.

Are you ready to receive? Succes is awaiting you.

"I combine ancient knowledge and tricks from the latest science to strengthen a more intuitive and pleasurable way

of doing business."


About me

My unique gift is that I unlock the healing powers of talented high conscious female entrepreneurs to create a wildly successful life and business from your place of pleasure. I will give you the tools that make you dance and boogie through life!


With my background as a spiritual counselor, creative director, Reiki Master, and Shakti Tantra teacher I designed a unique intuitive approach. For years I directed philosophical experiences for the coolest frontrunning music and science festivals and by practicing Reiki full-force for more than 10 years, I now use ancient wisdom and scientifically validated methods to transform and heal your business.  


6-week series | Jan 9 t/m Feb 13 | Saturdays

Discover your sensual self and unlock your feminine super powers for sexual electricity. 

What people say 

"Leoni is an amazing person, with a great personality.

She always makes me laugh, gives me guidance and she gives me the strength and trust to believe in myself and my company. Her ability and passion for energy healing really affected and touched my heart. I would like to learn more from her." 

Nicole | Owner Sthira Yoga

"Leoni was such an amazing teacher! I have felt a huge shift in my life and the way I interact with the energy around me thanks to her teachings and insight."

Camille | Freelance stylist 

"I really loved Leoni's approach! It is grounded and down to earth, yet very loving and joyful! I'm really impressed (and grateful!) by the impact of this experience in my life".

Adriana | Facilitator and process designer

I dare you

to shine

that inner fire

of yours

with lots of


and joy. 

Build your business from your

place of pleasure.

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