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"Learn how to create a wildly successful business from your place of pleasure."

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Hey, business babe, are you ready to revolutionize the way you are doing business? The time is now. Show the world what you’ve got. 

Do you want to...

have the energetic power tools to heal yourself and your business?


be fully aligned with how to bring your gifts into the world?


be able to manifest your deepest desires — in your life, love life and work?


do business from your place of pleasure and freedom?


aim high and grow fast,

in both consciousness and business?


earn the money you and your talent deserve? 

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. But did you know you can also heal your business? Doing so will help you unlock your innate power to create something deliciously successful. 

Eva van Zuiden (36)

Body-centered coach

Fascinating to make such a leap! Because of the Sensual Business 1:1 I stepped into a state of flow with my business, which sprouted working with ease and trust. Now fun and enthusiastic clients know how to find me.

Lindy (33)

Writer & Sacred

Sexuality Artist

"Since joining the Sensual Business Program, I've been soaring in my business, love life, and ability to feel pleasure. Leoni's energy and guidance have helped me to completely upgrade very area of my life. Making money has never felt so good!"

Fenja (37)

Transformational coach, art director & writer

"Leoni is light and lively, yet serious and grounded. This combination brings true transformation—both in business as well as in personal matters Leoni makes space for new consciousness and understanding. A powerful healing method."

Leoni van de Water is a sensual business coach specialized in embodiment and sensual wisdom. She helps conscious female entrepreneurs to set up and run a wildly successful life and business from their place of pleasure. 

"I use ancient wisdom and scientifically validated methods to transform and heal your business. Feeling confident, centered and playful!"


With her background as a spiritual counsellor, social designer, Reiki master, and Shakti Tantra teacher, Leoni

developed a unique, intuitive approach that unlocks your healing powers and make you boogie through life!

About Leoni

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By following the Sensual Business  Program, you will experience a powerful and effective change in your life. Get ready to move from stress 

and chaos to a confident and sensuous way of doing business.

Join the Sensual Business Program

Enrich yourself with the abundance mindset, and start moving with confidence and joy. In your free introduction call, we'll explore your needs and desires and I'll help you decide whether the pre course, 1-on-1 coaching or the group program is right for you. Or you want to activate your healing powers first with the Sensual Wisdom Series. Success is awaiting you.




Tailored to your time + needs

Benefit from my expertise as a Sensual Business coach and revolutionize the way you do business with 1-on-1 coaching. Together we'll design a custom package that will help you lift your business to the next level. This total reset is a transformational healing process that aligns your business with who you really are. I'll guide you in a loving and playful way to your natural confidence. No more compromises. Give the world the best you've got.



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Join a group of talented and powerful women and experience the magical force of a high vibe energy group. Together we go faster and higher! Lift yourself and your business up to the next level with the Sensual Business Group Program. Learn how to flow and move with confidence while growing your business . The group program consists out of 1-on-1 business coaching sessions, monthly live days, online master classes, weekly high vibe online group coaching, healing sessions, fun surprises and much more.



Starts April 17 '21 | 6 weeks 

Awaken your sensual self and find out how this can benefit your life and the way you do your business. The Sensual Wisdom Series is a six-week program where you'll be given the tools to heal your life from the inside out. In these 3-hour master classes, you learn how to connect with your body, your sexual energy and self-healing capacity. Good  for you. Very good for the way you do business. Get ready to start feeling radiant, sexy and super alive.

This is you ...

You are a talented creator, artist, connector, peacemaker, healer, entrepreneur, or pioneer. 

You are on a mission to make

the world brighter and lighter.


You are happy by nature and have a grounded, no-nonsense attitude.

You want to master using your spiritual gifts for your business ambitions.

You don't need more knowledge. You know enough. No more excuse. Step it up! 

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